Japan detects radio signal suggesting possible N Korean missile test
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Nov-2017

Tokyo, November 28: Again Japan fears another Ballistic Missile Launch from North Korea based on a radio signal. Japan has caught radio signals which suggest North Korea may be preparing for the missile launch. After detecting the signal, Japanese Government has been on alert. But such signals are not very unusual.

There are doubts as satellite images have not shown a missile or a movable launch pad, the signals may only be related to winter training for the North Korean military. Hence officials think this source is not enough to determine though the government is on alert.

Since a long time, North Korea has been silent and the country did not show any military activity. But recently US President Donald Trump has brought back North Korea to the list of states as terrorism sponsor. North Korea may be provoked after this action.

There are different reports from intelligence officials of the United States, South Korea, and Japan which detected a signal of a possible missile launch. "The Republic of Korea and U.S. alliance remains strong and capable of countering any North Korean provocations or attacks," Pentagon spokesman Colonel Robert Manning told.