Bahrain submits list of wanted terrorists to Iraq
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Nov-2017

Baghdad, November 29: Bahrain on Tuesday handed Iraq the names of terrorists wanted by the Bahraini judiciary authorities currently residing in Baghdad. Notably, the names involved in the list are wanted in Bahrain for their alleged involvement in terrorist activities in the kingdom.


The Bahraini ambassador to Baghdad, Salah al-Maliki said that Bahrain has submitted to the Iraqi authorities a list of people wanted by the Bahraini judiciary authorities currently residing in Iraq. He further said that those terrorists are wanted by the Bahraini judiciary for having committed terrorist acts before fleeing to Iraq.

In his statement, Maliki said that those are not less dangerous than Islamic State terrorists adding that “Manama expects Iraq to arrest them”. However, the ambassador did not announce the names of individuals. Maliki also noted that those wanted are currently plotting harmful acts in Bahrain and some neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Earlier, Bahrain criticized Iraqi authorities for sheltering persons sought for justice in the kingdom. On the other side, Iraqi Shia clerics, politicians and international human rights groups have occasionally slammed Bahrain’s crackdown on Shia opposition figures. Therefore, in August this year, Bahrain foreign minister Khaled Al Khalifa made a surprise visit to Iraq to ease tensions between both countries.