Japan plans to join 2018’s space war games hosted by US
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Nov-2017

Tokyo, September 29: Though Japan is far ahead of other countries in science and technology, in case of Space science Japan is not on the top list. Hence to give a push to this sector Japan is planning for the first time ever multilateral tabletop space war games led by the U.S. military.

US Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) has been hosting the Schriever Wargame (SW) series since 2001, which focuses on the employment of space and cyber in a future conflict. Japan's Self-Defense Forces now want to join the Schriever Wargame of next year.

Japan has revised the roadmap of its basic space policy. The draft will be shown to policy makers soon for the approval. The roadmap is basically reviewed every year.

The new roadmap wants to reach many targets. One of them is to send astronauts to the lunar surface in cooperation with Washington. The Japanese government plans to make available data it owns, such as satellite images, to private enterprises for the free charge which would lead to the creation of new business.