Temple Politics: Congress rechristens Rahul Gandhi as 'Janeu Dhari' pure Hindu; Twitterati asks to come clean
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Nov-2017
Somnath, November 30: The opportunist vote bank politics of the Congress Party is not new for smart Indians and Congress scion and the Party's vice president Rahul Gandhi is not an exception for his ancestors. The Congress Vice-President has been visiting many temples on his campaign trail in Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi's yesterday's Somnath temple visit got stuck in controversy after his name entered as 'non-Hindu' in temple register.

When the media elements blew this to masses, the Congress party started a more foolish damage control job to announce that "Not only is Rahul Gandhi ji a Hindu, he is a 'janeu dhari' Hindu". In a hastily arranged press conference, Congress spokie RS Surjewala appealed BJP to not make this an issue and this matter 'should not bring down the political discourse to this level'.

On Wednesday Rahul Gandhi visited Somnath temple and performed rituals and worshipped at the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. While entering, Temple rules permit Non-Hindus to enter the temple only after they sign the register. Rahul Gandhi's media coordinator Manoj Tyagi's wrote Rahul Gandhi's name in the register of Non-Hindu visitors along with Congress Rajya Sabha MP, Ahmed Patel. The BJP attacked Rahul Gandhi on the issue, while the Congress termed it a conspiracy.
After the news of Rahul Gandhi's name was mentioned in the 'Non-Hindu' register, BJP National IT head Amit Malviya‏ has keenly pointed it out. He tweeted: Finally Rahul Gandhi comes clean on his religion, signs visitor register in Somnath (as per rule) meant for non-Hindus. Malviya asked that if Rahul Gandhi isn’t a Hindu by faith, then why has he been fooling people with these temple visits?

Rather than the BJP, it was twitter pals to attack the Congress over the facts behind Rahul Gandhi's real religion. After Congress announced that "Not only is Rahul Gandhi ji a Hindu, he is a 'Janeu Dhari' Hindu", many recalled Swatantryaveer V D Savarkar's visionary statement that "when there will be possible to get more votes from Hindus, the Congress leaders will start wearing the Janeu (The Sacred Thread). "

Dr Subramaniyan Swamy, the BJP leader and the biggest basher of the dynasty politics by Gandhi-Nehru clan, came forth to share more information. Dr Swamy said: "There is a church at 10 Janpath; Rahul attends the sermons every Sunday; He should accept that he is a Christian." Dr Swamy further says that the main issue is not whether Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu or not but that since a controversy has arisen whether he signed in the non-Hindu register, so he must himself clarify what he is, and not through others. Dr Swamy states that there is already a lot of chaos about Rahul Gandhi’s identity including his citizenship. In his own secret British company’s registers, he declared that he was a British citizen. This declaration of British citizenship was exposed by Subramanian Swamy himself and Rahul Gandhi already received notice from Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee. The matter is also pending before Home Ministry which is expected to seek clarification from Rahul.
The mysteries of Rahul’s identities don’t end here – In 2004 Lok Sabha election affidavit, Rahul Gandhi produced his education certificate which shows his name as Raul Vinci.
It seems that the not much-discussed topic of Rahul Gandhi's religion has come forth with his own misdeeds of fooling Hindus by visiting various temples for a mere political purpose. There is a possibility that with his religion debate, a larger debate of the nationality of his mother might also get more detailed debate.
A private news channel accessed a New York Times article dated Feb 27, 1998, titled, “Sonia Gandhi, the 'Foreigner,' Startles the Political Pundits”, which corroborates the fact, i.e. that Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu. The Congress vice-president, who would have been 27 then, has not challenged the article till date. The article states that both Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra were raised in their month’s faith, i.e., Roman Catholics. The article reads, “Initially the Hindu nationalists seemed perplexed by Mrs Gandhi's role, paying her scant attention. Then, as the polls showed the Congress Party's support picking up, men like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani, who would lead a Hindu nationalist Government, became increasingly shrill, warning of the dangers of a ''Rome Raj.'' Few doubted that this was code for Mrs Gandhi's Roman Catholicism, a faith in which her son, Rahul, 27, and her daughter, Priyanka, 26, were also raised.”The Gujarat election is a special battle for Rahul Gandhi. The recently held Congress Working Committee has decided to announce Rahul's name as Party President. But smartly the announcement will be done after the Gujarat poll results. If Congress loses, it will be the defeat of the Party workers and if wins, it will be projected as Rahul's victory over the 'Goliath'. The Temple Politics has an added strategy charted by Rahul's poll strategists and media management team. Unfortunately for him, it has been conked out by the people of Gujarat so far.