'Ease of Business' entails 'Ease of Living Life’ and will continue this: PM Modi
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 04-Nov-2017

New Delhi, November 4: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he only has one job that is to serve this nation and reform the lives of its citizens. The Prime Minister was speaking at the Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra in Delhi, where he attended a presentation on India Business Reforms.

Saying that ease of doing business leads to ease of life, Modi added, "I sense a well-deserved mood of celebration here, World Bank has recognized stupendous work done by us towards ease of doing business." He said that his efforts have gathered momentum. 

“I say this because; India has reached a position from where, now it is easier to improve further. In management terms, we have achieved critical mass for a swift takeoff.”

“There are many other reforms which have already happened, but need gestation and stabilization time, before they are taken into account by the World Bank. There are a few other reforms where our team and the World Bank team need to find common ground. All this, combined with our conviction to do even better, gives me the confidence that India will occupy a place of pride in the World Bank report next year and in the years thereafter.”

“I compliment the World Bank for engaging with countries to improve ease of doing business across the world. I also compliment them for the theme of this year’s report -‘Reforming to create jobs’. There can be no denying that business is a major force in our lives. It is an engine for growth, employment generation, wealth creation and delivery of goods and services that make our lives comfortable.”

We are a young country and job creation is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Therefore, to leverage the energy of our youth, we are positioning India as a Start-up Nation and a global manufacturing hub.

Sharing the reform, perform, transform mantra, PM Modi hailed the competitive federal universe that has emerged as a key to the surge in economic growth. I am happy to note that for the first time, the World Bank is helping us in this exercise at the sub-National level too.

The agenda for boosting growth and employment required many structural changes, many tough decisions and many new regulations. Besides this, the mind-set of the bureaucracy required change to enable them to work fearlessly and honestly.

The Prime Minister said that World Bank's ranking for 2018 hadn't factored in the implementation of GST. He said that with this game-changing tax reform India is moving towards a modern tax regime.