Transforming India: Khadi sales increased by 89 percent in September 2017
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Nov-2017

New Delhi, November 4: By boycotting the foreign clothes long ago in the 20th century, Khadi clothes were accepted by the Indians, and it is becoming a new fashion in the 21st century as the sale of Khadi clothes have increased in India. It was an integral part and an icon of the Swadeshi movement.


During the period of April to September 2016, the Khadi sales were of Rs.429.93 crores which saw a growth of 89 percent in 2017. The sales of Khadi for the period of April to September 2017, was of Rs.813.86 crores.

For the period of April to September 2016, the Khadi coupon sales were Rs.0.86 crore. The coupon sale increased within one year to the Rs.5.85 crore. Also, one of the Outlets of Khadi registered the highest sales ever in one day. On 17th October 2017, the sale of Rs.1,19,40,982.

Talking about the Khadi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that from the days of Khadi for Nation, we came to see Khadi for Fashion, and now the country is moving towards 'Khadi for transformation'.