Japan is a treasured partner and crucial ally of the United States: Donald Trump
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Nov-2017

November 5: Japan is a treasured partner and crucial ally of the United States said US President Trump after arriving in Japan at Yokota Air base. Part of the five nations trip to Asia, he along with the first lady arrived Japan on Saturday. This 12 days trip to Asia popularly known as ‘POTUSinAsia’ will strengthen the international relationships.


During his speech he said that no country should underestimate American resolve. With the unmatched capabilities American warriors are ready to protect the nation. No dictator no minister shall under estimate U.S., whenever anyone has done this it was unpleasant for them.


Talking about the economical relationships Trump said that we will seek new opportunities for cooperation & commerce & partner with friends & allies to pursue a free & open Indo-Pacific region.


“I am pleased to stand on the land of Japan where extra ordinary people with distinct culture and royal history do reside. US and Japan maintains good friend relations since many decades. My warm regards to all the citizens of Japan” Trump said while addressing to the Japanese.

The Asian tour of Trump will be at Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.