Govt employees from PoK stage massive protest against Islamabad demanding clearance of monthly salary
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Nov-2017

Muzaffarabad, November 5: Spending huge amount of money in terrorism is leading a massive hike in poverty in Pakistan and therefore anger in mass is increasing day by day. Pakistani rulers are more focused to bring a hike in terrorism rather in creating jobs, employment for the countrymen and human rights violation in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Therefore, the government employees working on contract basis in PoK staged a protest in Muzaffarabad demanding clearance of their monthly salary. 

Notably, the government employees of PoK who work on contract basis have not received their salaries for several months and therefore on Sunday they staged a massive protest against Pakistani rulers demanding ‘clearance of their monthly salary’.

During the protest, while blaming Islamabad for its discriminatory policies against them, the protestors, working in health, education and other government sectors in PoK region, have been demanding regular jobs and regular salaries.

The protestors raised their voices with posters against the Pakistani government and their policies claimed that one of their colleagues who had not received a salary for the past 8 months died because of illness. The protestors asked Pakistani government that the workers of all four provinces are getting regular salaries but we have not received our pay for the past 8 months, Why?

The protestors while talking to media also claimed that whenever they come to protest, the government gives them a salary of 3-4 months. “We demand regular jobs. We have been doing all sort of work. In July 2017, the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared that our jobs should be made regular and the Government will give our salaries. Now, we will go to Supreme Court of Pakistan, which will decide our fate," the protestors added.

The protestors further questioned Pakistani government that why were they being punished and for what reason. Blaming the politicians, the protesters added that they have increased their salaries manifold whereas our salaries are very less.

Importantly, Pakistan dual faced and backstabbing foreign policies including exporting terrorism, spreading bloodshed etc is creating a great anger in their own mass. Though the poverty is increasing, Pakistanis are facing poor standard of life the government of Pakistan is financing huge amount of money in spreading terrorism. On the other side, amongst four provinces of Pakistan Balochistan and Sindh is demanding for its independence due to Islamabad’s worst rule and apathy towards the people of this regions.