Sonia Gandhi influences UPA government to shield Tehelka media house from harassment
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Nov-2017

New Delhi, November 7: Well, Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi have faced many allegations over influencing Manmohan Singh led government which was in power since 2004 to 2014. Notably, just 4 months after the Manmohan Singh led UPA government came to power, Sonia Gandhi wrote two letters to the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram on behalf of the directors of Tehelka to influence the investigation into the magazine's financiers.


The Republic news channel on Monday revealed that the Congress President Sonia Gandhi has written two letters to the then India's Finance Minister P Chidambaram and said that the treatment to Tehelka financiers by central agencies 'unjust and unfair'. Sonia Gandhi in a letter further asked Chidambaram to resolve the Tehelka matter 'on priority'.

However, former Samata Party president and author Jaya Jaitly in her book that is yet to be released has exposed Sonia Gandhi’s interference during the UPA-led government regime. The book also suggested that the UPA-led government in 2004, and particularly Gandhi was involved in facilitating the framing of corruption charges against her. The book hints at the links between Gandhi and the Tehelka news portal, particularly in the Tehelka sting ‘Operation Westend’.

According to the Jaya’s book, there are a total of three letters enclosed in the book. They are a letter by Tehelka directors and a letter by Tehelka Financiers - First Global Directors addressed to Gandhi and the third letter from Gandhi to Chidambaram on behalf of Tehelka and its financiers. The book further hints that Sonia tried to convince Chidambaram to shield the Tehelka financiers.

During the exclusive interview to Republic TV raised few questions:

Why were the Directors of First Global seeking help from Congress President Sonia Gandhi?

Was Mrs. Gandhi trying to save First Global from investigations and if yes, why?

Was there any link between the Congress and the Tehelka sting operation and should it have been investigated?

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s defence

After the expose, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram issued a statement saying that the media should ask the government to release his reply to the letter as well. He said, “I have been shown a copy of a letter written by Mrs Sonia Gandhi forwarding a letter from First Global. My noting on the letter is correct. I am certain that, on behalf of the Ministry, I would have sent a reply based on the material put up to me. The letter of Mrs Gandhi and my reply should be read together. I suggest that the media may ask the government to release the reply to the letter.”

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy asked CBI, ED probe in this case

The BJP senior leader Subramanian Swamy urged the CBI, ED to register a case against Congress President Sonia Gandhi based on the letters revealed by former Samata Party President Jaya Jaitly. These letters were allegedly written by Gandhi to former finance minister P. Chidambaram. Swamy also claimed that he had released a similar letter two years ago, but nobody took it seriously at that time. Swamy further said that the CBI can register a case in the preventional corruption act as the letter was written under the official title of the chairman of the National Advisory Council.