Uber and NASA shake hands to develop ‘Flying Taxi’ by 2020
Source :NewsBharati   Date :09-Nov-2017

Washington, November 9: The transport company Uber will avail a big relief by 2020. Uber has unveiled the concept of ‘Flying taxis’ in the city of Los Angeles. Uber signed a project with Nasa named ‘Uber Elevate’ to create an air traffic control software. This project was signed on Wednesday.


According to the reports this ambitious car project will have its demonstrational flights in 2020 and it will operate commercially by 2023. This will make the passengers free of the heavy traffics on the roads. So it is an innovative idea of transportation. The tagline for this program is “Closer than you Think.”

In a speech at the Web Summit in Lisbon today, Uber’s head of product Jeff Holden announced that the company is adding a third city, Los Angeles, to its list of places where it hopes to pilot its aerial taxi service by 2020. LA joins Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai as cities announced to be working with Uber on the program.


Uber has released a video which shows the features of ‘UberAIR’. In this video we can see a working lady using her smartphone to book an Uber flight. She goes to the top of the building where we can see smiling agents wearing headsets, goggles, and Uber-branded vests lead her to the flight and she gets into the flight where there are other passengers as well. During the flight, she looks out of the window with pity at all others stuck in traffic below, as she is whisked through the clouds to her family waiting at home.