There is no way other than brotherhood, friendship and helping each other: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Saudi Arabia
Source :NewsBharati   Date :09-Nov-2017

Tehran, November 8: Reaffirming the strong support, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran is in full support for the development of regional countries, including Saudi Arabia. He added that there is no way other than brotherhood, friendship and helping each other.


According to the local media, in a cabinet meeting, he said that befriending the United States and Israel and not with Iran is a tactical misunderstanding. We both are on the same path where we have to establish stability and have to promote it. We want the geographic borders not to change, nations to decide for themselves, and bombardments and aggression against regional nations to be stopped

He further added that Yemenis have responded to the attacks which have been done in their cities on a large scale. He said that well, stop bombings and see whether or not the Yemeni nation responds positively. Earlier on Tuesday, The Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman accused Iran of launching direct military aggression against his country, in a form of supplying missiles to the Shiite Houthi militia in Yemen.