At least 800 civilians killed due to US-led coalition airstrikes in Syria, Iraq
Source :NewsBharati   Date :01-Dec-2017

Washington, December 1: The United States-led coalition has led a massive war against Islamic States terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, ISIS is witnessing a heavy fall in both the countries as the US-led coalition is eradicating or finishing them in an effective manner. However, the battle between US-led coalition and Islamic State terror group has made civilians to suffer extensively as at least 800 civilians are killed so far Iraq and Syria.


The US-led coalition has said that while battling against Islamic State, at least 800 civilians have been killed in airstrikes in Iraq and Syria since its campaign began in 2014. The numbers are far fewer than the numbers documented by monitoring and human rights groups.

The coalition said in a monthly report, “We continue to hold ourselves accountable for actions that may have caused unintentional injury or death to civilians.” The coalition further estimated that had unintentionally killed at least 801 civilians between August 2014 and October 2017.

The US-led coalition also stated that it had carried out more than 28,000 strikes and received 1,790 reports of potential civilian casualties since the start of the campaign. It was still assessing 695 of those reports and said it went to great lengths to avoid such casualties.

On the other side, the Human Rights team has produced estimates of civilian deaths that go as high as nearly 6,000, raising questions over America’s commitment to protecting civilian lives as it bombed militant strongholds. By comparison, the monitoring group Airwars says at least 5,961 civilians have been killed over that time period.

The historic fall of Islamic State terror outfit which is the most dangerous terrorist organization continues in Syria and Iraq as US-led coalition continues to kill militants effectively in both the two countries.

Syria is affected by the civil war since many years due to which thousands of civilians lost their lives while millions were displaced. While Iraq is affected due to self-proclaimed caliphate ISIS captured many important governorates. Over 80,000 foreigners from countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and the Caucasus have been recruited and traveled to Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2016 to fight alongside ISIS.