I always encourage everybody.My motto says anything is possible, no limits.
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Dec-2017

Kingston, December 4: Usain Bolt, the sun in the field of athletics which is never going to set down despite his retirement. Along with his own name, he has also brightened the name of Jamaica in the history of world athletics. To facilitate such a great talented son, Bolt’s native Jamaica has unveiled an eight-foot bronze statue in his famous “to the world gesture”. The statue will be at Jamaica’s National Stadium in Kingston. In the occasion, he said anything is possible, no limits.

The Jamaican sprinter, himself was present in the ceremony. He could not contain his emotion and overwhelming happiness. “Never did I feel that I would be in this moment, as big as it is now, among statues at the National Stadium where it all began,” said Bolt.

“This is why I always encourage everybody and this is why my motto says anything is possible, no limits. Because at no point in time I ever thought I would ever achieve this much but I've always pushed on and stayed focused for what I want," the sprinter said which could inspire several others.

He retired after the IAAF World Championships London 2017. The Jamaican Sprinter who touched finishing lines ahead of anyone in almost every race could not touch the finishing line in his last race. Whatever that did not affect his fans worldwide, he will remain “greatest of all time” to them forever. On the last day of his career, he again warned every athlete to not take the dishonest path of doping.