US, South Korea launch “largest ever” air exercise amid rising tension in Korean Peninsula
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Dec-2017

Seoul, December 4: As a reply to North Korean missile threat, South Korea and the United States kicked off a major air force exercise in Seoul on Monday. This is being called “largest-ever” air exercise. The joint drill, Vigilant Ace will be run for five days. Though it is being seen as the reply to the North Korean missile launch, the exercise was scheduled before it.

The drill is involving more than 230 warplanes and around 12,000 personnel. Six F-22 Raptors and six F-35As have been deployed temporarily to Korea for the practice.

"This exercise is comparable in size to previous Vigilant ACE exercises," the South Korean Seventh Air Force said in a press release. "The realistic air combat exercise is designed to enhance interoperability between the U.S. and Republic of Korea and increase the combat effectiveness of both nations," the unit added.

"It's aimed at enhancing the all-weather, day and night combined air power operation capabilities of South Korea and the U.S.," the defense ministry of South Korea said.

On the other hand, North Korea said the drill is provoking the chances of war. The hermit country said it is only escalating the risk of a nuclear war and the tension in the region.

"The U.S. and South Korean puppet military warmongers should bear in mind that their escalating provocation and adding to crimes will only invite more terrible retaliation and precipitate their self-destruction," a North Korean organization said.