Clarify stand on Sibal argument in Ayodhya case hearing, Amit Shah dares RaGa
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Dec-2017


New Delhi, Dec 5: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today threw a straight challenge to the Congress President in waiting Rahul Gandhi to clarify his and his party’s stand on the submission made by senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal who represented the Sunni Wakf Board in the Supreme Court during the hearing on the Ramjanmabhumi case on Tuesday.

Sibal, arguing the case as the apex court bench headed by the Chief Justice Deepak Misra began the hearing on the appeals challenging the Allahabad High Court verdict of 2010 in Ramjanmabhumi-Babri Masjid case, submitted that the hearing be deferred till July 2019 after the general elections due that year in April-May.

Raising doubts over the intentions behind this submission BJP National President Amit Shah today dared Rahul Gandhi to come clean on the issue and explain his and his party’s stand on Kapil Sibal’s submission in the apex court.

He said that when the people of the country were eagerly waiting for the concrete verdict from the Supreme Court at the earliest in this case, it was surprising to know that Kapil Sibal, senior Congress leader and advocate of the Sunni Wakf Board who submitted before the court to defer the hearing till next Lok Sabha elections were held in 2019.

“This was a bit surprising”, Shah said, adding “I demand that Congress party should explain its stand on this issue. Does the Congress party not want that the hearing in this Ayodhya case be held speedily? Or does it want that the hearing be deferred till 2019?”


Shah said that Gujarat is going to polls soon. Congress president-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi is visiting each and every temple in the state and offering prayers there. On the one hand the Congress is making election campaign visits to the temples in Gujarat and on the other hand its leader Kapil Sibal is pleading with the Supreme Court to defer the hearing in Ramjanmabhumi case till 2019.

The BJP President appealed to the Congress president-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi to come clean on this issue and clear the confusion.

Shah said that the BJP wants that hearing in this case be held speedily and the verdict in this case be declared at the earliest to pave the way of constructing a grand Ram Temple.

The Congress, according to DD News, has distanced itself from what Kapil Sibal said in the Supreme Court today. Kapil Sibal is a senior lawyer and what he submitted in the court were his personal views, the Congress had said.