Googly by Google: Two-wheeler mode pops up in Maps
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Dec-2017

New Delhi, December 5: There are many places in India where even cars can’t go through but two wheelers can. Taking this into mind Google Maps has introduced Two-wheeler mode in India. There are a lot of people in the world who ride motorcycles. So it will be beneficial to them.

Google Maps previously displayed direction for only three kinds of people, one who are driving on their own, one who are travelling via train or bus, and lastly for people walking to reach their destination. But now, with the new update rolling in, Google brings a new category to the list which is dedicated to the bikers, or in other words for the Two-wheeler owners.

It is the Two-wheeler mode that Google Maps now gets. As the name suggests, this feature will show the fastest direction or route to the Two-wheeler riders to reach their entered destination.

There are some unknown roads which are not wide enough for the big vehicles like trucks, buses or cars to pass through -- however, motorbikes can easily swipe in. It is likely that Google may suggest such routes if you select the Two-wheeler mode available on Maps which will be empty as well as will help you reach your destination much faster compared to the usual routes.