Fewer than 3000 Islamic State terrorists left in Iraq and Syria
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Dec-2017

Baghdad, December 6: The Islamic State terrorist organization is witnessing historic fall in both Iraq and Syria as the US-led coalition armed forces continue to eradicate them from the two countries. Therefore, fewer than 3,000 terrorists belonged to Islamic State terror organizations are left in Iraq and Syria.


Notably, the United States-led international coalition fighting Islamic State on Tuesday estimated that fewer than 3,000 fighters belonging to the hardline Sunni militant group remain in Iraq and Syria. US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon said that there are less than 3,000 Daesh fighters left but they still remain a threat, but troops will continue to support our partner forces to defeat them.

Colonel Ryan Dillon said this in response to an online question and answer session in which he also said the coalition had trained 125,000 members of Iraqi security forces, 22,000 of which were Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

When asked if the United States planned to build permanent military bases in Iraq or Syria with the defeat of Islamic State, Dillon said it would not. “No, the Government of Iraq knows where and how many from Coalition are here to support operation to defeat Daesh, all bases are Iraqi led,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon on Tuesday said that the US military mission in Syria would continue until areas reclaimed from ISIS are stabilized, adding that US troops would only withdraw when conditions on the ground allowed.

Syria is affected by the civil war since many years due to which thousands of civilians lost their lives while millions were displaced. While Iraq is affected due to self-proclaimed caliphate ISIS captured many important governorates. Over 80,000 foreigners from countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and the Caucasus have been recruited and traveled to Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2016 to fight alongside ISIS.