Show of Force to North Korea: US flies B-1B supersonic bomber over South Korea
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Dec-2017

Seoul, December 6: United States flew a B-1B supersonic bomber over South Korea as a part of “show of force” in Korean Peninsula. The country launched joint air excise with South Korea in a response to North Korea’s latest missile launch. It’s a clear indication of US warning to North Korea.

The long-range, multi-mission Guam-based bomber simulated land strikes at a military field near South Korea's eastern coast during a joint drill on Wednesday. "Through the drill, the South Korean and US air forces displayed the allies' strong intent and ability to punish North Korea when threatened by nuclear weapons and missiles,” South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

As a reply to North Korean missile threat, South Korea, and the United States kicked off a major air force exercise in Seoul on Monday. This is being called “largest-ever” air exercise. The joint drill, Vigilant Ace will be run for five days. Though it is being seen as the reply to the North Korean missile launch, the exercise was scheduled before it.

The drill is involving more than 230 warplanes and around 12,000 personnel. Six F-22 Raptors and six F-35As have been deployed temporarily to Korea for the practice.