Have a look at these adorable mascots shortlisted for 2020 Olympics!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Dec-2017

Tokyo, December 7: The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has unveiled the final three candidates for mascots for the 2020 Games. Mascots of Olympic are the big attractions forever on the sidelines of the games. Every Olympic comes up with a unique mascot. The upcoming Olympics’ mascot will be finalized by Japanese children, the best voters for the mascot.

To engage the young generation in the organization, the organizers have announced an innovative method of selection. Schoolchildren across the country can cast their vote in favor of favorite mascot. The design which will attract the children most will be chosen for final games. For the first time ever, the mascots will be chosen by an election.

“I want children to express their own opinions and feel the diversity and difference of opinions (through the voting process),” said Takeshi Natsuno, a guest professor at Keio University and a member of the selection panel.

The selection panel selected these three pairs from 2,042 candidates received from both professionals and amateurs across Japan. Starting from December 11, the voting will be held till February 22 and it is expected that by February 28, the mascot design will be finalized.