Education must for progress of Muslim community: Indresh Kumar
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Feb-2017

Rapiur, Feb 11: Senior RSS leader and Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) Indresh Kumar emphasised that education was must for the progress of the Muslim community.

Tracing the history of Muslim rulers in India he said that no Muslim ruler made basic arrangements for disseminating education amongst the members of the community.

Discussing the outdated customs and traditions influencing the Muslim psyche in India Kumar said that since the aggression of Mohd-bin-Qasim to the present times, education was the most neglected aspect of the Muslim community.

Attacking the practice of triple talaq, he said that talaq was considered as the most heinous crime and Allah has despised talaq. From the first nabi Adam to the last nabi, the practice of talaq was never used.

He said that the Muslims should accept people like Abdul Kalam as their ideal and not those like Yakub Memon or Burhan Wani who followed the satan. People who follow them surely tread the path of the satan while people those followed Abdul Kalam followed the path of the angels, he said.   

Taking a dig at the Muslim Personal Law Board, he questioned its existence in India while in no Muslim country such a board exists. If the board is following the Islamic rules it should have been named as Islamic Law Board, he said.

Once again stressing the importance of education, Kumar appealed the MRM workers to encourage technical and secular education along with religious instructions in the Madarsas to ensure all-round development of the students.

He also urged them to conduct a survey of the divorced women and start some vocational projects for them so that they can lead a respectable life and nurture their children. He also called for ending the practice of talaq.

On this occasion, Islamic scholar Sayyad Ashraf said that Indresh Kumar’s advice was like a gift from the Allah for the Muslims. Dr Salim Raj, National Co-Convener of MRM assured all steps to implement the suggestions of Indresh Kumar for the development and progress of the Muslim community.

The program was attended by Yunus Qureshi, Hamid Mansuri, Gulam Gaus Khan, Makhmur Khan, Yavar Ali, Asif Khan, Sheikh Nizam, Sadiq Ali, Jishan, Rehana Khan and others.