Govt employees misusing LTC to face penal action
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 13-Feb-2017

New Delhi, Feb 13: Central government employees found misusing the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) facilities will be liable for punitive action, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has warned.

A per the guidelines issued by the department, the employees availing this facility are required to submit a declaration their travel plan and relevant documents confirming it in the name of the employee and his family.  

The declaration is required in the cases where a government servant travels on LTC up to the nearest airport, railway station or bus terminal by authorised mode of transport and undertakes rest of the journey to the declared place of visit by private transport or own arrangement (such as personal vehicle or taxi).

“Furnishing of false information will attract disciplinary action,” the DoPT said in a directive issued to secretaries of all central government departments.

The Centre is aiming to put a strict system in place to counter the misuse of LTC after certain instances of alleged misuse had come into light. The employees in these cases had allegedly colluded with private travel agents to submit inflated airfare to stealthily obtain undue benefits like free boarding, lodging, transport or cash refunds.

“If public transport is available in a particular area, the government servant will be reimbursed the fare admissible for the journey by otherwise entitled mode of public transport from the nearest airport, railway station or bus terminal to the declared place of visit by shortest direct route,” the directive said.

In case there is no public transport available in a particular stretch of the journey, the government servant may be reimbursed as per his entitlement for the journey on transfer for a maximum limit of 100 km covered by the private or personal transport based on a self-certification from the government servant, the DoPT said. Beyond that, the expenditure shall be borne by the employee himself.