CM Devendra Fadnavis to launch 3D hologram campaign ahead of civic polls
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 14-Feb-2017

Mumbai, Feb 14: Following the footsteps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Maharshtra BJP is planning to launch a three-dimensional hologram of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ahead of the prestigious civic polls in the state.

The 3D hologram of Maharashtra Chief Minister will be introduced through a mobile app. A user will have to download the ‘Invite CM’ app, which comes with an instructional video. This application will enable the option of direct interaction.This platform will allow users to ‘invite’ the 3D image of the CM, which will then proceed to deliver a five-minute video message.

The concept of 3D hologram was first introduced by  Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Gujarat assembly elections and later in the general elections 2014  which got enlisted in the  Guinness Book of World records for the most number of simultaneous broadcasts of Modi’s 55-minute long electoral speech at 53 locations in 26 cities of Gujarat.

Mani Shankar, a Hyderabad-based filmmaker had first introduced the idea of 3D holograms in Modi’s campaign for the Gujarat assembly elections. According to Shankar the 3D hologram of CM Fadnavis will be life size. He will give out a five-minute long message.

Briefing about the various nuances of app Shankar mentioned that the application once downloaded does not require Internet connectivity to function and will function on any mobile phone. The app can be downloaded on 2G or 3G speeds.

With the only requirement of camera, the 3D hologram will appear on the phone, said Shankar. This application will facilitate the idea of inviting the chief minister into everyone’s homes and they will be able to take pictures with him as well, Shankar added.

According to BJP spokesperson Shweta Shalini, the main idea behind this concept is to connect people directly to the chief minister with a personal touch. The app will support Marathi, English and Hindi where indivisible user can directly participate on this multimedia platform.

She further added that later this year, the party will launch another version of the 3D hologram, called ‘augmented immersive reality’ with more features incorporated.