Now use your smartphones to make and receive landline calls without getting charged for them
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Feb-2017

Hyderabad, February 15: Bharast Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) today launched the Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony (LFMT) service in Hyderabad. The benefit of LFMT service is that the customers can use their smart phones for making and receiving landline calls in their offices and homes. BSNL CMD Anupam Srivastava inaugurated LFMT service and said that this service is first of its kind in Telecom Sector in India. LFMT service is an App based service, similar to basic Land line service. This is a unique service, provided by BSNL only, he added.

Mr Srivastava also said that customer can use his mobile phone for making and receiving land line calls without getting charged to his mobile number account. This is like extension of cordless phone service on the smart phones. This service can be availed as add on service for existing BSNL customer having BSNL Broadband or FTTH or new customer opting for BSNL Broadband FTTH. Separate telephone number will be provided to customer to avail this service. The tariff for on net calls, within BSNL network for both landline and mobile is Rs 1.00 per minute. For off net calls, out of BSNL for both Land line and Mobile, it is Rs 1.20 per minute.

The advantage of LFMT service is that the customers can use their smart phones like land phones in their residences and offices. Customers can get Land line facilities without having landlines. The contacts and logs stored in the smart phones can be used for making calls. The service is useful for better voice quality, where mobile signal is poor, he added.