Shah Rukh Khan is not part of the Baabubali 2 : Officials
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 15-Feb-2017

Hydrabad, Feb 15: Refuting all the media reports about the short appearance of actor Shah Rukh Khan in the baahubali conclusion, officials from baahubali underlined that, there will be no cameo of Shah Rukh Khan in the sequel of Baahubali.

Reacting to the media rumours Baahubali makers tweeted

Dismissing all the false news reports, actor Rana Daggubati who is playing the role of Bhalaldeve in a multi starrer movie said that Shah Rukh Khan is not part of the film. There is no cameo appearance. The world of Baahubali is different and it doesn’t have cameo appearances, he added.

Rubbishing all the rumours regarding participation of Shah Rukh Khan Actor Prabhas who is the main lead in Baahubali  mentioned  that he is  quite amused with these reports rejected the participation of  SRK in the film.

Prabhas, whose name is synonymous with Baahubali, feels that the film has become such a huge brand, it is constantly under scrutiny, surrounded by speculations and conjectures.