Feed your curiosity! ISRO gives you the video of launching 104 satellites in Earth’s orbit
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Feb-2017

Sriharikota, February 16: Indian Space Research Organization ISRO on Thursday made every Indian proud. As ISRO set a milestone by launching 104 satellites in one go along with foreign satellites. This was first of its kind in the field of space as none of the space agencies across the globe has achieved this record.

Indian Space Research Organization ISRO launched its PSLV C37 rocket carrying 104 satellites in one go along with 101 foreign satellites that took place from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The curious part of this launch was how the satellites were placed up in the orbit. ISRO has uploaded this video of the launching mission where the rocket is getting lift up and the satellites are getting separated.

“All 104 satellites were successfully placed in orbit. My hearty congratulations to the entire ISRO team for the wonderful job they have done,” said ISRO Chairman A S Kirankumar.

How they got placed?

Every satellite was separated at a different angle and at different time from the PSLV C37 rocket. The difference in time and angle was considered important in order to prevent collision between satellites up there. The satellites were placed in an orbit 505km above the Earth. In less than 600 seconds all 101 satellites were released into space each travelling at a velocity of over 27,000 km per hour or at 40 times the speed of an average passenger airliner. The weight of all the satellites at launch was around 1,378 kg.

Thrilling footage of 104 satellites being placed in Earth orbit

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This video shows a detailed and in-depth version how the rocket lifted up off the cost of Sriharikota and placed the satellites in Earth’s orbit.

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 ISRO not only beat its previous best of sending 20 satellites in to the orbit in a single launch but also beat the previous record held by Russia (37 satellites in one go in 2014) by a huge margin. It was overwhelming to see the whole world react with pride. The social media was flooded with delight and wishes.

ISRO's achievement was so remarkable that it went largely unnoticed that Planet now has the capability to image every piece of land, every day. The satellites launched are small and lightweight, but the combined strength is much more than what your conventional military satellites can achieve.