Innovative ‘Smartflower Solar’ technology tracks sunlight to generate 40% more energy
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Feb-2017

Austria, February 17: Due to serious climate change many countries across the globe are moving towards use of clean and non-renewable energy sources. Dubai, India already has set up the solar plants to generate more power with the use of clean energy. The technology is getting more and more advanced and here Austria, Los Angeles have already adopted the smartflower solar panels.

It is the new form of solar panel which moves in the direction of sunlight to receive the sunlight and generate 40% more clean energy.  The brand new Sporthalle Liefering in Salzburg/Austria is built CO2 friendly! With solar power – rooftop installation and smartflower – they produce more power than they use. The Sporthalle is part of Salzburg's initiative "smart city" of building eco-friendly.

Combining smart technology and clean energy generators is easily the next biggest trend in the renewable energy industry, and the developers of smartflower POP are ahead of the curve. Since its emergence in 2010, the clever solar power system has honed in on what private homeowners want from a sustainable energy source, and the latest version now promises 40% more energy output thanks to its ability to track the sun as well as clean and cool itself. Its creators hail it as the “world’s first all-in-one” solar power system, and they think it could take the industry by storm.

The system consists of petal-shaped solar panels which automatically fan out each morning to create a flower-like array. To ensure efficiency, smartflower POP cleans its 18 square meters of solar cells each day at sunrise and then positions itself to face the sun so it can immediately begin generating energy. Throughout the day, the smart solar power system tracks the sun’s position on a dual axis so that the solar panels are always at an optimum angle for capturing solar energy.

In addition to all of smartflower POP’s unique abilities, the system also comes in a variety of fashionable colors and is completely portable, making it easy to move from one home to the next when its owners relocate. Although the system does a lot of ‘thinking’ for itself, the company is quick to point out that this smart solar energy generator actually gives homeowners a lot of power, and not just the kind that runs their electronics. “For the first time, multiple intelligent solar features operate in one sophisticated product,” said Alexander Swatek, smartflower POP’s founder and managing partner. “It’s easy to use, takes only an hour to install, and owners can monitor their energy accumulation, usage, and direct it where they want it. They have full control.”This innovative solar energy system might give solar inustry a run for its money with its nature-inspired design.