Now find best groomers and showcase the talents of your pets at India International Pet Trade Fair
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 18-Feb-2017

New Delhi, February 18: Thousands of pet lovers from different cities of India on Friday attended the 9th India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF) which is being held at the Expo Centre in Noida. The trade fair has been organised with the intention of bringing pet lovers together and provide an opportunity to pet care firms to showcase their products and services. India International Pet Trade Fair started on 17th Feb and will end on 19th of this month.
This festival brings a great opportunity for all the pet lovers of India to showcase the scores of pet related grooming accessories and toys. The pet parade is one of the biggest events of IIPTF and it is mainly dedicated to pets. This festival also consists some fun activities such as a best-dressed dog, treasure hunt, dog agility etc. while pet care takers can read and talk about pups, share the knowledge, can bounce questions to the experts and can take multiple ideas of – how to groom your dog.

The event also has an attractive flea market for the dog lovers where they can learn about new pet products and select the apt goodies from an array of merchandise. Interestingly, IIPTF is about gathering together with other pet lovers, mingling around and finding best groomers for the pets and partaking in the fun activities. It is expected that over 10,000 pet lovers will attend this fair. The event saw the participation of 85 companies from across India and the world.

“We have organised this fair with the objective to bring pet lovers under a roof and boost the pet trade industry,” said Linda Brady Hawke, chief executive officer, LB Associates. “It is important to sensitise people before they decide to bring a pet home because an animal needs a safe, loving and healthy environment to grow. They are also living beings with feelings and it is important to understand these nuances. There is a multitude of stalls where animal experts are available to give you tips,” Hawke said.


IIPTF is South Asia's only pet trade fair, which is also the biggest pet event in India. IIPTF is partly a B2B (Business-to-Business) and partly a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) event, as it showcases a wide range of pet products, along with being a platform for pet-pertinent services from all across India as well as from overseas. IIPTF is an endeavour to spread awareness of the Indian pet market's potential, amongst global industry members. With time, the IIPTF has forged relations with various international fairs and entities.

This fair is an exhibition-cum-trade show dedicated to the pet vertical in India, and is a quality-driven event, at par with international standards. IIPTF is an ideal place for all international exhibitors, Indian importers and manufacturers, foreign companies and Indian exporters to come on the same platform. As we all know, every nation has export and import rules and regulations. All entrepreneurs need to follow these. However, importing and exporting become easier, if done by partnering with the nationals of the other country.

It is at events such as IIPTF, where manufacturers, importers and exporters of various countries come on the same platform. Indian manufacturers of pet products can visit the IIPTF to search for and develop networking to sell more and more of their products. For Indian importers, the IIPTF provides a perfect platform to come in contact with foreign companies for developing partnerships. At the event, many importers start partnerships with foreign companies for importing their products into their country.

Indian exporters can also fulfill their aim to export their products to other countries via IIPTF. It is a platform for Indian exporters to develop bonds with foreign companies, for creating business relations that will bring mutual benefit. Foreign companies, who are in search for new partners for selling their products in different countries, should also visit IIPTF. The product categories that all entrepreneurs aim to sell may include for dogs, cats, small animals, fish, horses and birds.

The Indian pet industry has evolved into more than $800 million-plus industry and comprises of a large number of multinationals, as well as domestic players. Continuing its growth trend, the industry is expected to continue to register strong double-digit retail value growth in 2017. IIPTF is a trade-oriented platform which is essential to spur the facilitation and growth of the pet industry in India, along with the world.