Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights filed complaint to ban all websites of PETA
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 02-Feb-2017

Chennai, February 2: The Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights has recommended blocking all websites of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. This comes after a petition was filed seeking a ban on all PETA sites alleging that the site carried sexually explicit advertisements and content. This petition comes days after PETA and Tamil Nadu were on tenterhooks over bull taming sport Jallikattu.

A Child rights activist has filed a complaint saying that the animal rights organisation, PETA is carrying sexually explicit content on their website. The complaint asserted that stern action must be taken against PETA since the site is also viewed and accessed by the children.

The order by the penal says that when children searched for information on PETA on the internet, they were directed to sexually explicit content. The order comes after a complaint by petitioner Enoch Moses, a social activist filed a complaint against PETA. Enoch clarified that many of PETA's adds carry a double meaning quote which can provoke explicit thoughts in a child's mind.

Moses argued that photographs of models and celebrities were openly available on the PETA website, which violates the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act POCSO, 2012. Enoch further asserted that strict action must be taken against PETA since they apparently use sexually explicit content to promote animal welfare. Enoch has also shown objection against PETA allegedly using porn producers and “other women” for the promotion of their website.

"I found out how PETA has been using pornography and models to promote the cause of animal welfare. It is startling how PETA India has been allowed to use porn producers, promoters and other women who strip for money in advertisements, this is illegal in India", stated Enoch in his complaint. 

Reports also said that the Tamil Nadu government was exploring legal options to ban PETA across the state after massive protests by the people of the state.