Health Ministry directs government hospitals to use and promote Khadi products only
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 20-Feb-2017

Kolkata, February 20: The Union Health Ministry has asked central government hospitals to purchase and use Khadi products only. The list of hospitals includes AIIMS, PGIMER, NIMHANS and AIIHPH. This decision was made to promote the use of Khadi products and to boost Prime Minister’s vision to support the use of Khadi.

The Ministry of Health asked 23 government hospitals across the country to use Khadi products right from soap to doctors' coats, soaps and bed and bath linen. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) Chief K.V Saxena said that“the Ministry of Health adopting Khadi is a significant symbol of Khadi being the most natural and organic skin-friendly fabric.”

Embeded Object

Embeded Object

The 46 Khadi products approved include bed sheets, abdomen sheets, dressing towels, surgeon gown, doctor’s coat, soaps, hand sanitizer, phenyl and herbal shampoo. The list was finalized based on the recommendation of a committee set up last year. This is the largest institutional order for the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, the agency responsible for promoting Khadi.  The items will be supplied by KVIC over a period of seven to eight months times as per the individual requirements. A total of 45 objects have been listed for circulation for the “distinctive” use of hospitals and self-sufficient institutes associated with the health ministry.

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), that has replaced Mahatma Gandhi’s picture with that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its calendar and brochures, has bagged the largest order worth Rs 150 crore from several public and private sector companies in the last six months. Last year, the sale of Khadi products was at Rs 1,510 crore and is projected to grow by 35 percent in the current financial year. Sales have boomed over the last few years as the government has pushed Khadi.