Election Commission will handle the issue of economic blockade : Nasim Zaidi
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Feb-2017

Imphal/New Delhi, Feb 22 : Assuring a free and fair election in the state of Manipur Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said that the ongoing economic blockade by insurgent groups will not influence the election process.

During his media briefing Zaidi said, "We have all the data from our state election machinery. The state government has also assured the full co-operation”. He further added that all the measures have been taken by the state and central machinery of election Commission.

Commenting on the law and order situation of the state he informed that, ample amount of security personnel of Central police forces have been deployed and it will be available for each phase and each polling station.

Expressing his satisfaction about the arrangements for the polling, Zaidi stated that 20 general and 20 election-related police observers, 20 expenditure observers and seven awareness observers will be keeping eye on the election-related activities.

Reiterating the Chief Election Commissioner’s message Manipur Chief Electoral officer Vivek Kumar Dewangan asserted that state officials will handle the situation of economic blockade in order to have peaceful election process. 

Referring to the burning issue of economic blockade Dewangan said that 250 companies of central police forces will be arriving in the state for poll duty. The 60-seat Manipur Assembly will take place in two phases on March 4 and March 8 respectively. Results will be declared on March 11.

 “Even the group who have called this blockade have not given any call to boycott the elections. So we do not think that this blockade will impact the poll process,” said Dewangan. An indefinite economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council (UNC) since November 1, 2016.