BJP claims 306 seats in Odisha Panchayat polls; says end of Patnaik era is near
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 23-Feb-2017

Bhubaneshwar, February 23: The Bhartiya Janata Party has registered a spectacular win in Odisha Panchayat polls as it claims 306 seats out of 851 seats. Though BJD won the contest by claiming 460 seats, BJP has given a major dent. BJP this time has improved its tally by a whopping 850 percent as compared with the 2012 elections. BJP have also claimed that that the end of Patnaik era is near.
The BJP national general secretary in charge of Odisha Arun Singh said that he had expected the party's final tally to be eight to nine times of the seats it had won in the 2012 panchayat polls. The final result has vindicated him.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popularity, effective implementation of the Central Government schemes in the state and failure of Naveen Patnaik government in the last 17 years of its rule are the factors behind BJP's unprecedented performance," Singh said. He also credited BJP's success to the efficiency and multi-fold increase in the party's organizational structure.

Embeded ObjectArun Singh said that the failure of the Patnaik government in delivering on water, electricity, health and housing has earned it a negative feeling of the people. Chief Minister Navin Patnaik is in power for the last 17 years but his government has failed to provide basic amenities like clean drinking water.

In the last couple of years, nearly 70 children died in the hospitals, the Japanese fever claimed 121 lives, 80 persons died due to water-borne diseases and 150 farmers committed suicide. Electricity and road connectivity and pucca houses also remained a dream to be fulfilled for the people of the state, the BJP leader said.

Corruption was another big issue that eroded BJD’s support base. “Massive corruption is taking place down to the block level”, Singh said. Over the years, the party has built its organizational network in the state in the recent years. It percolated to the block level covering as many as 999 blocks. The BJP's presence has increased from one block per 100 booths to one block per 32 booths now.

Besides, the BJP has also been busy turning popular opinion in its favour through various agitation programs from block level to the state level, Singh said exuding confidence to win next assembly elections in the state.  

Of the total 853 seats, BJP claims to have bagged 306 seats - an increase of 8.5 times as compared with its tally of just 36 seats in 2012. It has added 270 seats to its previous tally. On the other hand, ruling BJD has won 460 seats as against its victory on 651 seats in 2012, losing 191. Congress has bagged just 66 seats against the 126 in the previous elections, losing 60.

Panchayat elections in Odisha were held in five phases. The last phase was held on February 21.More than 70 percent voting was done in each and every phase which also set the record for highest percent of voting in any Panchayat polls.