Women’s safety Prime: Kerala to create registry for sex offenders
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 23-Feb-2017

Thiruvananthapuram, February 23: After the Malyalam actor Bhawna got harassed, post numerous molestations cases and number of abuse that took place, Kerala government in first of its kind is set to maintain a registry which will have list of sex offenders.To embark on the women safety as a top priority the Governor P Sathasivam announced that Kerala would begin a registry for sex offenders. While talking in budget session Governor said that this will be the first time in the country which will have registry of list of sex offenders. He said that the reason for taking such measures is to ensure the safety of women.

Lack of social prevention and awareness was the main reason behind the increasing immunity of sex offenders all over the country. Governor said that “to ensure deterrence, my government will set up a sex offenders' registry which will maintain all identification details of sex offenders. It will be the first in the country and will be kept in the public domain.”  Governor asserted that women of the state will be given utmost protection. He said that all the necessary measures shall be taken to uphold safety and security to their lives. Let me assure this house that my government shall not pardon any action from anyone that is calculated to be an affront to women.

 “My government has already announced a new policy and created history by deciding to create a separate department for women which are in the final stage of operationalism. Taking such excellent policies to the next level, my government will set up all women police stations at the taluka levels. My government has already started the first women battalion this year and is committed to increase women’s share in the force to 15% and believe it should be 50%. Homes under Nirbhaya cell will be modernized and upgraded,” the Governor said.

Kerala government will also set up a victim relief fund to provide relief for victims of sexual crimes for both children and women. Also a special department for women’s safety will be formed to ensure the women’s safety and to provide utmost protection.