SC: Polluting industrial units to shut down if they don’t have functional effluent treatment plants
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Feb-2017

New Delhi, February 23: It’s high time now to realize that industrial units are major cause behind pollutions. On Wednesday Supreme Court ordered polluting industrial units to shut down if they do not have functional primary effluent treatment plants to stop the release of untreated waste in the water bodies within three months after notice.A bench headed by Justice J.S. Kehar and Justice D.Y.Chandrachud and Justice Sanjay K. Kaul passed an order alleging that industries are not setting up effluent treatment plants and also they aren,t operational. The bench said those units which release effluents above the permissible norm would also meet with a similar fate. They would then have to prove to the respective state pollution boards that they had removed the problem before they are allowed to resume operations again.

Taking a serious note on industries letting out effluents into rivers and water bodies resulting in pollution, SC warned that power supply will be cut off to these industrial units if there is no compliance in this regard.  The bench also said that "on the expiry of three months notice period, the state pollution control boards concerned are mandated to carry out inspections at industrial units as to whether they have functional PETPs. If industrial units do not have functional PETPs, then they will not be allowed to function anymore.”

Within three years after acquiring land and completing other formalities the government bodies will have to establish Common Effluent Treatment Plants across the country though it was supposed to be done by individual industrial units. Now the states will have to submit reports with regard  to setting up of CETPs to the National Green Tribunal. The bench also asked all states to initiate civil and criminal action under the law against the defaulting units, wondering why not a single individual or company had so far been accused for this.