PM calls on youth to take interest in science
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 26-Feb-2017

New Delhi, Feb 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the youngsters to take interest in science. The country needed scientists, he said in his monthly discourse titled “Man ki Baat” on February 26.

Addressing the nation on the radio, Prime Minister said that society is becoming technology-driven and technology is becoming a very important part in our life.

Referring to increase in digital payments, Modi expressed satisfaction that most youngsters are making great use of the technology to do economic transactions. He said that it was heartening to know that 10 lakh people have been rewarded under the lucky grahak and digi-dhan yojana so far. He said that emphasis is being laid on DigiDhan. People are moving towards digital currency and digital transactions are rising.

Lauding the achievements of India in the field of science and technology, Prime Minister Modi praised the ISRO scientists for their exemplary feat of positioning 104 satellites into the orbit in one go. “The Institution has done the nation proud”, he added.   

He further added that this launch has demonstrated India’s cost-effective space program and was used to launch satellites from several countries including the United States, Netherlands, Switzerland and others.

One of the satellites was India’s own Cartosat 2-D which contributes to the urban development and helps farmers in particular.

The Prime Minster also said that India had achieved a major milestone in defence by testing it interceptor missile. With this test, it became one of the 4-5 countries to possess an exo-atmospheric interceptor capability in the world.

Prime Minister lauded and acknowledged the role of youth and women in making the mission of ISRO a success.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also highlighted the efforts towards spreading the message of Swachhta across the nation through his Mann Ki Baat address.

He recalled the program organised by the Water and Sanitation Ministry chaired by the Secretary and attended by several state officials.

A toilet pit emptying exercise was carried out at the event and officials themselves demonstrated the twin pit toilet mode. This showed that there is no psychological barrier to emptying toilets, which should be done like any other cleaning activity.

PM says when we learn of celebrations on the birth of a girl child, it is heartening; a change is seen in the mindsets, towards old customs. Speaking on the benefits of the twin toilet pit model, which has to be emptied every 5 years, the Prime Minister said that we can see the conversion of waste to wealth in this model by converting it into NPK fertilisers.

Prime Minister also appreciated the initiatives taken by various Ministries and departments which gave strength to the movement for Swachh Bharat.

In his Mann Ki Baat address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the role of agriculture in our economy. He thanked the farmers of the nation for record food grain production this year.

India has also seen an increase in pulse production and acreage apart from traditional crops.

The Prime Minister applauded the farmers for responding to his call for more pulse production. He said this was the farmers' service to the nation.

India is moving towards a less cash economy with an increasing number of people using the digital payments mode.

Prime Minister Modi appealed to people to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar by teaching 125 people how to use the BHIM APP.

He said that the digital economy would weed out corruption and black money through its fresh cadre of committed participants.

Talking about ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ programme, the Prime Minister said it is no longer just a govt. programme. It has become a campaign for social change.

PM further added that when we learn of celebrations on the birth of a girl child, it is heartening. A change is seen in the mindsets, towards old customs.