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Mau, February 27: In Uttar Pradesh, the election campaigning is heating up as from now only two phase of elections are remaining. As the fifth phase of polls relatively coming to end, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a huge rally in Mau, Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi on this occasion took a dig of opposition and said that the Congress, SP and BSP parties must stop playing with the future of the people of Uttar Pradesh in the name of politics.
PM Modi further attacked the opposition and said, “SP, BSP are well aware that they'd be defeated in these elections, therefore, they are creating an environment that no party gets the majority.” PM Modi also emphasized that the resolution of BJP is ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ and it is committed towards it.

Embeded ObjectDuring his address, PM Modi thanked the people of Uttar Pradesh for their overwhelming support during the first four phases of elections in Uttar Pradesh. “As the elections are progressing, people of Uttar Pradesh have made up their minds to support the BJP,” he further added.

Embeded ObjectPM Modi opined that in order to develop UP needs a stable Govt. He said, “India is scaling newer heights of progress. It is due to the 125 crore Indians. UP too can develop. It needs a stable BJP Government.” He said that eastern Uttar Pradesh has all the necessary resources, all it needs is an opportunity. He said that the present Samajwadi Government is aware of the conditions of eastern UP but are not bothered at all. “When Nehru Ji was the PM, MP from Ghazipur expressed concern over poverty. The report was presented, but they didn't take any action,” added the PM.

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Embeded ObjectPM Modi slammed the present Samajwadi government and said that they are not doing anything for the farmers of the Uttar Pradesh. He added, “We would waive off loans of small farmers if we come to power in Uttar Pradesh.” The PM also took a note of the troubles that sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh were facing. He also said that BJP forms a government in Uttar Pradesh, they will clear the dues of Sugarcane farmers within 14 days.

Embeded ObjectPrime Minister Modi mentioned that welfare of sugarcane farmers was a top priority for the Government. He said, “We are undertaking measures for the welfare of our farmer brothers and sisters. We want their incomes to double by 2022.”

Embeded ObjectPM Modi straight away asked the opposition that what they have done for the farmers of the Uttar Pradesh. “Why SP government doesn't care about the farmers in Uttar Pradesh? Why are they not helping farmers in distress? They must answer.” PM blamed the present Govt in Uttar Pradesh for nothing providing the Minimum support price to the farmers.

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Embeded ObjectPM Modi spoke in detail about Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and explained how it could be beneficial to the farmers. PM Modi again attacked the opposition by asking them what they have done for the farmers of the Uttar Pradesh.  He further mentioned that BJP government was dedicated towards the providing 24 hours electricity in the state but the state government is not interested. “Centre allotted funds for 24X7 power supply in Uttar Pradesh. But what stops the SP government from utilizing those funds.”

Embeded ObjectThe PM also expressed concern about the law and order situation in the state and said, “Law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is a disaster. The crime rate is rising, incidents of loot, rape, riots are reported. This must end.” PM Blamed the opposition for giving election tickets to criminals in the state. PM Modi meanwhile noted that the Centre had reduced stent prices which would bring down the cost of treatment drastically and benefit people.

Embeded ObjectIn the end, PM Modi urged people to change the government for inclusive development of Uttar Pradesh and to vote for the BJP. “Our focus is on the development of Poorvanchal,” he said. “Our fight is for protecting the rights of the poor. Few would try to create obstacles in the way. But our fight would keep on going,” he concluded.