CRPF to use Specialised robots to detect IEDs and landmines in Naxal areas
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 28-Feb-2017

New Delhi, February 28: Specialised robots will soon assist Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) patrols to detect hidden Naxal planted IEDs and landmines that have caused numerous fatal causalities. Explosions through IEDs and hidden explosives have killed hundreds of CRPF and other security forces personnel, said Director General, CRPF K Durga Prasad on Monday.Briefing media, Director General said that the capabilities of the robotic device are being ascertained by the force in consultation with IIT Mumbai. CRPF has also said that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is far better than last year. He also said pellet guns are being modified to minimize face or eye injuries.

The modified pellet guns will have a deflector because of which the possibility of pellets hitting protesters 40% above the point of aim will be brought down, keeping the margin of error to 2%. Several protesters had earlier been hit on the upper parts of their bodies, but the deflectors will ensure that the pellets only hit the lower part of the protester’s body. It is still in the testing stage, Durga Prasad told.Embeded ObjectMeanwhile, a modified version of the pellet guns that have been blamed for seriously injuring protesters will be deployed in Kashmir soon. The guns, which are being modified by the Border Security Force (BSF), will soon be provided to the CRPF.