Norway aims to fight against vehicle emissions by adopting electric vehicles till 2025
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 28-Feb-2017

Oslo, February 28: Norway to cut down the vehicles that work on gas and diesel to fight against vehicle emissions that affect the climate change. Norway announced to reduce the use of fossil fuels in cars. By 2025, the Norwegian government said it hopes to see 100 percent of new-car sales come from zero- or low-emission vehicles.According to the release from the Norwegian EV Association, electric vehicles took 22% of the market in Norway in 2015. Norway wants to continue pushing the directive of getting rid of vehicle emissions with a “polluter pays” principle that incentivizes buying an electric, hydrogen, or plug-in hybrid automobile instead of a gasoline or diesel vehicle. Basically, gasoline or diesel vehicles would be taxed much more heavily than zero- or low-emission cars. With this tax system, the country believes eliminating sales of traditional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles is possible in as little as eight years.

The Norwegian Parliament has set an ambitious target that all new vehicles sold in the country by 2025 will be electric, hydrogen or low emission plug-in hybrids. Electric vehicle EV sales comprise 37% of the country’s total new car market thanks to the government’s generous incentive scheme to encourage locals to purchase zero emission vehicles.

Among the company’s key ways of achieving this is by excluding EVs from value added taxes, offering no purchase and import taxes, use of toll roads for free and for EV owners to park for free in city centers and to use bus lanes. Additionally, high emission vehicles are taxed heavily. At the end of 2016, there were approximately 100,000 EVs on Norway’s roads and that figure is expected to swell to 250,000 by 2020. It is hoped that by this time, the nation will have a charging point for every 10 electric cars, totaling 25,000 chargers.