India’s bid to NSG blocked due to only procedural issues clarifies VK Singh
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 03-Feb-2017

New Delhi, February 3: The Indian government on Thursday has clearly stated that the country’s bid to get the membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is blocked due to procedural issues and not because of objections from any of the member nations.
Replying to the question asked in Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said that India’s application is still under consideration and enjoys widespread support of the members of NSG. Minister Singh said, “No member of the group has explicitly opposed India’s membership, certain procedural and process-related issues have been raised by a few members.”

Minister Singh also said that the government of India is engaged in convincing to the members of NSG at all appropriate levels for an early decision on its bid. Replying to another question about China blocking India’s way, Minister Singh said India’s engagement with China was multifaceted and the two sides have agreed to continue enhance mutual understanding and address outstanding issues. “A new bilateral dialogue mechanism to discuss regional and international security issues has also been agreed to,” Singh added.

Notably, China has always blocked India’s bid to gain the membership of NSG. Due to which US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal criticized China and quoted saying that China is the outlier. But China stood firm against India’s bid and reacted strongly and commented that a membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group can’t be awarded to India as a farewell gift. Meanwhile, India also slammed China saying India is not seeking NSG membership as a gift. India is seeking it on its non-proliferation record.

Interestingly, India, for the past two year trying hard to get the membership of NSG but due to China’s strong oppose and two-step non-discriminatory approach of not letting India to gain the membership. Many of the other countries including US, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa etc have already given access to India to get the membership in NSG.

China stands firm on its decision as it says that non-NPT countries cannot get the membership in NSG. Notably, India has not signed Non-Proliferation Treaty. On the other side, after seeing India heading towards NSG membership Pakistan has also demanded NSG membership without signing NPT. 

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is a group of nuclear supplier countries that seek to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of materials, equipment and technology that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Whereas, NPT is commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty is an international treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament.