#SaraswatiPuja Ban: Mamata govt rude about Hindu rights; cradling Islamic radicals
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 04-Feb-2017

 It was 13th December 2016; I was informed from several districts of West Bengal that some Islamic procession was on road on Eid. I was surprised initially as I never seen or heard such kind of procession on Eid as I’m living outside of Bengal for a long period. In Asansol, Muslims stopped the traffic of NH 2 which is one of most important and heavy traffic is very common. Traffic was completely stopped for 6 hours but local police didn’t interfere. Muslims offered some sweet, sharbat to public, and light Arabic music was playing background. People couldn’t refuse those offerings. Then another district there was a bikers’ procession. Everywhere the peaceful atmosphere is being changed with clamorous Islamic slogans. In the evening, there were Islamic Functions with all green coloured stages, Islamic flags on some special design gates. In some procession, they had even swords with them.

Mamata Silent on Hindu rights: West Bengal government is continuously denying the fact and saying that what happened at Tehatta School is false news. 


I was wondering how they could get permission for the procession with swords. In the evening, I posted that these unusual incidents might lead to communal disharmony. Yes, the very next day there was riots at Dhuladarh in Howrah district.

On 16th December, I came to know about Tehatta School. This Tehatta High School is situated in Tehatta village, PS Uluberia, District Howrah. On 14th December, Muslim students seek permission to celebrate ‘Nabi Divas' in school premises. Nabi Divas is a celebration of Birthday of Hazrat Muhammad who is last Nabi according to Islam. It’s purely an Islamic celebration.

But Teacher in Charge Utpal Bhowmik didn’t allow any type of Religious function. Here is a brief history of this school. Tehatta High School was founded in 1952 at Tehatta village and got registration on 1953. Local Bhuyans dedicated the land for a school and the big ground in front of the school is used for ‘Rath Yatra’, locally called ‘Rather Math’.

On 15th January local Muslims gathered with huge outsider Muslims led by Pirzada Kashem Siddiqi of Furfura Sharif. They argued that if Saraswati Puja can be performed then Nabi Divas is a must in school.

Last several months are like a nightmare for Hindus in West Bengal. Muslim radicals are overpowering Hindu areas by trying to impose Islamic rituals. The West Bengal government and CM Mamata Banerjee is not only ignorant but completely being rude about the raising suppression of Hindus who remain abide by the law of the land. But the Mulsim radicals who challenge the law and administrations, are becoming blue eyed boys of the Govt and administration pampered by the TMC party.

Avid social media activist Debjani Ghosh expresses her views to portray the real picture in West Bengal when it comes to rising communal intolerance by the state govt. Debjani says, “Now it’s common in West Bengal that, for each Puja, Hindu tradition, and people has to knock the judicial system, that’s the fate of Hindu. Does Hindu really have Fundamental Right to perform own religious beliefs, I doubt? Is West Bengal within Democratic Republic country India?? I have serious doubts.”

They forgot some basic things. All Hindu pujas are not performed in school like Durga puja, Janmashtami Puja etc. But as Saraswati goddess is symbolic for education, knowledge, performance, arts. So it’s worshipped from time immemorial. It’s Bengali traditional culture. And in our childhood days, all students, teachers worshipped Saraswati irrespective of religion. Saraswati Puja and Nabi Divas both don’t have the same significance.

Muhammad has nothing to do with education or school. So arguing is totally unjustified and actually, it’s provocative to create differences between two communities.

Beyond all pressure, TIC Utpal Bhowmik was firm on his decision and informed higher authority. Huge police deployed and RAF also to make situation under control. The school remained closed for nearly a month. In between Kashem Siddiqi went there, spread communal hatred, threatened Head Master and tried to pressurise administration openly. He also told that even CM of West Bengal can’t control the situation until Nabi Divas to be celebrated.

That video of his speech uploaded to YouTube.

But police took no actions to control the situation and allowed Muslim goons threaten the school Headmaster and local administration. Meanwhile, due to the continuous tensions, students couldn’t get results, all regular activities remained pending.

Surprisingly, neither police nor education department intervened in this matter. State government shockingly kept mum. At last, the situation started becoming normal. On 6th January, RAF was withdrawn from school. School started from 7th January. But again on 27th January Muslim goons entered the school demanding celebration of Nabi Divas. They were making stages without permission of TIC. TIC then asked help from Uluberia PS and wrote to IC.  But they didn’t respond. Muslims locked teachers in school and finally told that either celebration of both Nabi Divas and Saraswati Puja or reject both.


WB Govt Letter to Tehatta school

In this helpless situation, TIC Utpal Bhowmik resigned from his post. The area again became tensed fearing communal clashes. Heavy police barricaded school, imposed 144. Next day District Inspector of School ordered to suspend the school until further order.

It was clearly understood that Saraswati Puja won’t be performed anymore as school is closed. But this Puja is so deep rooted tradition that students were disappointed and gathered on NH 6 at Khalisani Kalitala which is near to Tehatta village. Small children agitated to worship their ‘Vidya Devi’ in their school in their motherland!!

It’s not only strange but shocking also. But they were rewarded with lathi charge from police. They were beaten brutally, thrown bricks by state police!!  Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets to clear the highway. Finally, police arrested some people. During lathi charge, one student, named Priya Bag, beaten mercilessly, she got her head injured.

On the day of Saraswati Puja, still some students were preparing for Puja but police took away the idol. Police later arrested 11 men for agitating on NH 6 with the non-bailable offence.

Here one important thing to mention that last year, Saraswati Puja was vandalised, ransacked the idol in Basudebpur School which is adjourned to the Tehatta village. In Tehatta Primary School, Saraswati Puja is not being performed for last 6 years. Significantly Head Master of that school is a Muslim, named Khilafat Milla. Surely, it’s evident that this incident is not new in that area.

West Bengal is soon entering into medieval Muslim administration. It’s really heartbreaking that Hindu being the majority, always treated like second class citizens in their own land. Intellectuals, Politicians, Actors, Media, all are very vocal, protest when Muslim sentiment hurts. Award was gang piled up in front of TV if one death only. A slap caused one to drop his title. Then India becomes intolerant.

After being viral on social media, some newspapers of WB are forced to cover the news. That’s because of public pressure. Some electronic media visited Tehatta village on 2nd February. But nobody condemned this act, nobody protested to support that fearless girl.

West Bengal government is continuously denying the fact and saying that what happened at Tehatta School is false news. Last year, WB govt prohibited Vijaya Dashami for Muharrum Procession. People had to go High court for their religious rights.

Now it’s common in West Bengal that, for each Puja, Hindu tradition, people has to knock the judicial system, that’s the fate of Hindu. Does Hindu really have Fundamental Right to perform own religious beliefs, I doubt? Is West Bengal within Democratic Republic country India?? I have serious doubts.