Chief Minister of Manipur should stop politicizing the blockade issue : Union Minister Javdekar
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 05-Feb-2017

New Delhi, Feb 5 : Blaming Manipur Chief Minister for not taking adequate steps against the economic blockade by insurgent groups, Union Minister and Manipur poll in-charge Prakash Javdekar said that the chief minister should stop politicizing the burning issue.

Hitting hard in a tweet minister said,“The Centre is making all efforts to lift the blockade. Will the chief minister Ibobi Singh rise to the occasion and help end the blockade”.

Targeting state government Javdekar underlined that the chief minister is not allowing forces to move in the state of Manipur.

Javdekar stated that the NDA government is airlifting essential commodities for the people in Manipur. He also informed that the central government has provided enough security forces for bringing law and order under normal condition in the state of manipur.

Ahead of Manipur polls on Saturday released 27 names of candidates. With this announcement, BJP has by now released names of all 70 candidates for the North-eastern state. The state of manipur is facing road blockade for more than three months.