United Naga Council refuse to end economic blockade in Manipur
Source :News Bharati English   Date :08-Feb-2017

New Delhi, February 8: On Tuesday the discussions were held to come up with the solutions to ease out the economic blockade in Manipur. Unfortunately the Naga council members refuse to change their mind on the announcements made by the government of creating seven new districts in the State.The officials from the Home Ministry said that the government is disappointed by the stand the members of Naga Council have took up in spite of such cooperation. They said that the Centre is disappointed with the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting that took place in Imphal where representative from the Union Home Ministry, state government and United Naga Council (UNC) participated. After yesterday’s meet the next meet will be held on 25th March.

Taking a serious note on the rigorous unrest in the state of Manipur, United Naga Council along with State government and Home Ministry met On February 4 to discuss the solutions over it. Also the Home Ministry expressed that there was a substantial progress in the discussion and the blockade will soon lift up. The sources said that earlier the “Manipur government was not cooperating and now the UNC is taking a different stand”.

The Home Ministry said that “the issue of creation of 7 new districts and the ongoing economic blockade was discussed in a tripartite meeting today at New Delhi between UNC, Government of Manipur and Government of India. There was substantial progress on the issue in the talks. A few points needed further discussions at their organisation level.” United Naga Council has agreed to end the blockade earlier.

After the announcement was made to create news seven districts people belonging to Naga council imposed the economic blockade on NH-2 and NH-37 which are the essential for serving commodities to state. Due to the imposition of blockade the normal life has affected. The ministry of home affairs has been making repeated efforts to find a way to tackle the issue of economic blockade which is imposed by the United Naga Council since November.