British Lower House endorses Brexit law
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 09-Feb-2017

London, Feb 9: The British Lower House endorsed the ‘Brexit’ law and gave its final approval to it on Wednesday authorising the Theresa May government to begin the talks of leaving the European Union.

The pro-EU legislators, who severely opposed the bill, whistled Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, the bloc’s anthem, while the votes were counted. However, the bill to trigger the Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty that begins the talks of Britain’s EU exit was approved with a landslide margin, 494-122 in the House of Commons. It comes as a major win and relief for the Theresa May government.

It was the Third Reading of the EU (Notification of Withdrawal Bill). Lawmakers had backed the same bill by a 498-114 margin during an earlier vote last week. The bill now progresses to the House of Lords, which has the power to delay it, but not derail it entirely. The legislation is believed to become a law within weeks, and Britain’s path to exiting the EU all sorted out.

The citizens of United Kingdom, in a major referendum on June 23, had voted in the favour of leaving the European Union, a collaboration of 28 European countries. However, a judgment by the Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger had put brakes on May’s Brexit plans. His judgement on January 24, 2017, said that “the government cannot trigger Article 50 without an act of Parliament authorising it to do so.”

“UK's constitutional arrangements require such changes to be clearly authorised by the Parliament,” he said.

Outlining plans to bring in a "straightforward" bill on Article 50, David Davis, British Conservative Party politician and Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, told MPs that he was "determined" Brexit would go ahead.

"It's not about whether the UK should leave the European Union. That decision has already been made by people in the United Kingdom," he said.

With this Notification of Withdrawal Bill that triggers the Article 50, having crossed its major hurdles, Britain is but mere talks and parliamentary stuff ahead of formally exiting the European Union.