Double standard intolerance of the Leftists
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 01-Mar-2017

By Sameer Manekar

The upsurge in the usage of the word “intolerance” over the last year can majorly be attributed to the events of February 9, 2016. The demonstrations organised by the student union of Jawaharlal Nehru University to condemn the secretive nature of the hanging of Afzal Guru had created a rift in the nation and provoked protests and debates over intolerance, dissent, right-wing suppression and the rise of authoritarian nature of the existing government.

Since then, various student bodies and unions of left-dominated universities have been portraying the incumbent government as anti-liberal, oppressive, and scream of the freedom of speech and expression being crushed. However, while glorifying terrorists and separatists, the Leftists only aim to uphold their right to disintegrate the nation, slandering the head of the state, and ascribe any kind of fringe element violence as the endowment of power by the government. That is the freedom of expression and dissent that is imperative to them. However, in truth, the projection of the so-called oppression of fundamental rights is, in reality, a falsification and fabrication of facts to popularise the terrorists like Burhan Wani and Guru and vilify a fairly elected Prime Minister and his government. The conduction of seminars and workshops of separatists like Umar Khalid in Delhi University are done with no other intention than to indoctrinate students, brainwash young, impressionable minds and inherently guide them towards separatism and communism.

Nevertheless, the Leftist idealists who are so aggressive about freedom of expression and equality are shrewdly intolerant towards RSS and its ideology. An altogether contrasting ideology and behaviour of these idealists can be witnessed in left-dominated states like Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura. While fighting, protesting and screaming at the top of their voices for “upholding” democratic rights of students elsewhere in the country, they show their true colours, albeit like the cunning chameleon, in the Kannur district of Kerala. Ever since the inception of RSS and its shakha in the state, the frightened Communists and Marxists have time and again attempted at curbing its growth. They have resorted to brutal violence and vandalism while doing so. Communism in Kerala can be termed synonymous with hooliganism, brutality, and ruthless subjugation of RSS karyakartas and their families. The savagery and barbarity that befalls regularly on people with opposing views present forth the double standards and hypocritical ideology and nature of the Leftists.

Since 1948, when the first attacks on an RSS rally were carried out by communists, the violence has increased tenfold. In the past 40 years, most of which have been governed by Communist or Marxist parties, as many as 270 swayamsevaks were killed viciously for having non-communist affiliations; the number of injured and incapacitated for life is ten times more. According to sources, Vadikkal Ramakrishnan, a Dalit tailor and swayamsevak of RSS was hacked to death for bringing in scores of communists into the RSS; Pinarayi Vijayan, the incumbent CM of the state is alleged to be associated with his murder. V. Shaji Mukk, another swayamsevak was blinded entirely by bomb attacks on him by communists. Amidst a riotous attack of Muslim League and CPI on Jan Sangh offices after winning assembly elections of 1965, a 16-year old youth, Subramanian, was killed by a stray bullet of the police, who, instead of subsiding the riot had attacked the Jan Sangh karyakartas themselves. In May 2016, when LDF formed the government, goons of the communist parties vandalised the offices and homes of various RSS karyakartas. As many as 16 houses were demolished entirely by bomb attacks, and many more robbed and ruined to strike terror in their hearts. In Kannur alone, 84 people have been killed as of now, and much more injured severely. Pregnant women, old people, children, no one has been spared of this brutality, and not one single communist responsible has been held or penalised.

The main reason attributed by right-wing intellectuals behind these mass killings is the increasing popularity and support base of the RSS and organisations sympathetic to it. There have been instances of defections of communist activists into the RSS, and in large numbers at that. Apostasy being an unreasonable sin in communism is awarded death. Maruli Vinod, a relative of CM Vijayan, was assaulted by communist goons for trying to defect to the BJP. The true suppressive nature and totalitarian behaviour can be witnessed here in parallel with those in other communist countries. The fascist atmosphere in Kerala is a natural corollary of Stalinist USSR, Hitlerian Germany, and Maoist China. People dissenting and opposing the growing hegemony of a particular party are not only prevented from doing so but viciously murdered and their family assaulted. The communist flag in that aspect befittingly reflects its ideology: slitting of throats by sickles, crushing of heads by hammers on a blood-red field, their laal salam.

Speaking at a teach-in lecture series in JNU in March last year, Makrand Paranjape, a professor in the School of Languages had stated that while there is a need to fight against suppression and have dissenting views, it is also imperative to realize that “this is our state, our country; we have elected these people.” Paranjape invoked the instigative slogans raised by B.T. Randive after India’s independence: “Ye azadi jhooti hai (this freedom is false)”, accusing the Left of always having “a great deal of trouble accepting the legitimacy of the elected Indian government.” Pondering over his speech and the incidences in Kerala, it becomes fairly evident that the freedoms and autonomies that Leftists are portraying as being suppressed are actually being stamped down upon by themselves in the southern state. For them, truth, dissent, speech and expression are no longer the rights of everyone, including those in power; only they have the full monopoly on these rights. The vilification of Narendra Modi-led government is not only an inherent objective of these seditious activists, but also a cunning scheme to uproot India’s democracy and its autonomous, and replace it with the “Kannur model”, where every opposing voice is crushed and every dissenting person is hacked to death with their sickles and hammers.

It is unarguably crucial to protest and dissent against the ruling authority. However, it should be realised that the proper and prudent exercise of these rights is necessary, not only by the government but by those with opposing viewpoints as well. It should be understood that no particular group in this nation has the monopoly to freedom of speech, expression, and dissent. While the leftists, Communists, Marxists and Islamic fundamentalists claim to be tolerant of dissent and scream of oppressions in the country elsewhere, they barbarously kill, maim, torture, and oppress and aim to eradicate swayamsevaks and sympathisers from regions they dominate politically. With the most numbers of political murders and assaults in it, the swayamsevaks and right-wing sympathisers no more find Kerala as the God’s own country.