Indian Blind Cricket Team is an inspiration for all Divyangs: Pm Modi
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 01-Mar-2017

New Delhi, March 1: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the T-20 World Cup Winning Indian Blind Cricket Team at his residence on yesterday. PM Modi personally congratulated each member of the Team and further said that not only they have made India proud but they have also raised hopes for all people with disabilities so that each one of them can also achieve their best.Prime Minister also congratulated the Captain of the team India Ajay Kumar Reddy for a wonderful performance by the team members. A photograph was clicked with each member separately and as a Group with the PM. Also he was presented with the Cricket Ball used in the Blind Cricket World Cup, which makes a sound when it is thrown. He further requested that each player puts his signature on this cricket ball and he announced that he shall gift this ball to a Museum where it shall be kept for display.

In the Final Match which was held in Bangalore Chinnaswamy Stadium on 12th February 2017, a spirited performance by the team helped India beat Pakistan by nine wickets in the final of the T20 World Cup for Blind and retain the title.Embeded ObjectIt was a moment of glory and delight to see the Indian team lift the Winning Trophy and make the country proud. The Tournament has been successfully taken to the finale and the appreciation received from various sectors and people thorough social media is highly encouraging.Embeded ObjectMeanwhile, Sport for the blind is a rightful pursuit and it forms a platform for physical and social development. Making the most popular game of cricket accessible to people with visual impairment, bringing them onto the field and be a part of cricket, “Cricket for the Blind” was developed. It is a different version of the sport, adapted to suit the constraints of partial and complete visually impaired players.