India focuses on ease of doing business during Commonwealth Trade summit
Source :News Bharati English   Date :10-Mar-2017

London, March 10: India focused on ease of doing business in the country and creating a strong export economy during the Commonwealth summit which kicked off in London on Thursday. India is being represented at the meeting by Commerce Secretary Rita Neotia.   
Notably, India’s representative Rita Neotia took part in the panel discussion held on Thursday and focused on ease of doing business in the country and creating a strong export economy. She also stressed that India is looking forward to having good trade relations with the UK and other nations too.

She also emphasized upon India’s good relations with other nations and said, India along with the UK is one of the few commonwealth nations that have good trade relations with countries across the globe and however other commonwealth nations are mostly regionally based. India’s representative further said India is considered to be well placed when it comes to taking a lead role in driving forward the growth of commonwealth bloc.

Earlier, the event was inaugurated by UK minister for international trade Liam Fox, who also flagged India among the fastest growing import economies over the next five years. Fox also highlighted an upcoming small and medium enterprise (SME) summit to be held in India next month.

However, the opening day of the meeting, jointly convened by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) and the Commonwealth Secretariat, was focused on a series of roundtables as an exchange of ideas between the member-countries, with Friday ear-marked for the ministerial meetings.

Notably, the first-ever London meeting follows on from the Commonwealth Business Forum in Malta in November 2015 and has been described as an attempt to kick-start an ambitious agenda ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Summit in the UK.

Interestingly, the two-day summit which was planned before last year’s Brexit referendum has gained new importance following the result, especially since Britain is pushing for trade deals beyond European Union borders.