Nagaland’s 1st Music Fair gave the platform for artisans to sell their goods
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Mar-2017

Kohima, March 12: The daylong Music Fair organised by The Nagaland Conservatory of Music (NCM) kicked off on Saturday. It was a mash-up of arts and crafts, food and fun. The fair gave a platform for artisans to sell their wares, food vendors and kid-friendly activities.It began with two small sets of a concert performed by the NCM students featuring Disney princesses’ medley and Guitar ensemble. There were also remarkable performances by Welly Baruah, Jonathan Yhome, Thunglamo Ngullie, TK Lemtur, Gold Planet, and Bendang Jamir.

The fair drew a good number of crowd ranging from Music enthusiasts, professionals, and students. Bouncy Castles, Polaris (Atv) ride, musical treasure hunt provided additional family activities and fun throughout the day.

Ethnic crafts Nagaland had come all the way from Kohima to set up a stall. They brought stuffed and wired dolls, jewellery and souvenirs which were all handmade. Handmade pottery made by Abu also stole the show with many pleased customers remarking in surprise at the beautiful wares which are being made in his studio at Sovima, Dimapur. Organic soaps by The Angry Mother Soap Co., handmade accessories by Runway Nagaland, books by International Bookshelf, Amazing Store, and home décor by Expression Life received a really good response from the crowd.

 Several food entrepreneurs and bakers whose trays were swiped clean by the end of the fair made their presence felt. Hetika Bakery, Fat Fryday, Feather Touch, A.T Patisserie and several home bakers and cooks perfectly used the opportunity to showcase their scrumptious food.

 Presented by the NCM, which provides specialised music training to prepare students as musicians, scholars, teachers, and to provide the community and churches with performances, scholarship and education, the fair was an outdoor event held at the NCM campus ground at Full-Nagarjan Road, Dimapur. This is the first music fair hosted by NCM with the aim to help and encourage amateur musicians to appreciate music and take up music professionally while incorporating fun ways to learn music through various games and activities.