Chhattisgarh Govt to give 45 Lakh smartphones to women and students under ‘Sky scheme’
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 14-Mar-2017

Raipur, March 14: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh while referring to the Information Revolution Project (Sky) said that 45 lakh Smart phones will be distributed to women, villagers and students soon at a cost of Rs 800 crore. Also Sky will provide Smart phones, installation of mobile towers and building of infrastructure.While addressing the 19th edition of 'Raman Ke Goth' from the Raipur 'Akaashvani' Chief Minister said that about Rs 200 crore had been set apart in the current fiscal. Twenty-nine per cent citizens have mobiles in the entire state and 36 per cent people are depriving of any mobile, internet or any other sort of connectivity. Digital Divide should be bridged as soon as possible. It is a challenge to mobile connectivity to the entire state.

Chief Minister revealed that villagers of Chotedongar, Baasin and other areas in Division Bastar had requested him for Mobile connectivity during his Lok Suraaj Mission last year. He expected them to urge for schools, colleges, roads and hospitals but they asked mobile towers in Bastar. It is a symbol of modern and changing times.

About 1500 towers will be installed as a part of the project. 'E-Services' net will be enlarged . The presence of students in schools and colleges will also increase. The beneficiaries will get Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) in due course of time, he added.

CM said that State Budget is made in the fields of villages, panchayats and choupals and not sitting in Mantralaya. The villages and poor farmers are the focus of attention. The priorities are decided during the 'Lok Suraaj' missions. Dr. Raman Singh was addressing the 19th edition of 'Raman Ke Goth' from the Raipur 'Akaashvani' which was broadcast from all air stations across the State.

The policies formulated for the villages and farmers had been designed during the Gram Suraaj and Lok Suraaj Missions.  He said Lok Suraaj campaign is being carried out in three phases this time and it has been converted into 'Samaadhan Parv', Singh told.

Dr. Raman Singh added that he will make surprise tours of any village or district and meet the common citizens, resolve their problems and review the pending issues in the district headquarter. The mission is held during the summer months to observe the difficulties and resolve them as early as possible. Future projects are also formulated in the agriculture fields of the State. All State Cabinet Ministers, Chief Secretary, senior officers, MLAs, MPs and people's representatives will tour, observe and prepare master plans for the future.