Need to make structural changes in Congress, says #RahulGandhi
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 14-Mar-2017

New Delhi, March 14: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi appears after losing the Uttar Pradesh assembly election on Tuesday. While speaking to the media Rahul emphasizes upon the needs of organizational change in Congress. He further asserted that they were in the Opposition and that they were against BJP’s ideology.

Rahul Gandhi told reporters outside Parliament, BJP won elections in UP, I'd like to congratulate them. Why they won, there are multiple reasons, one being polarisation. Democracy is being undermined by them using financial power and money.

Out of five states, BJP won in two, we won in three. In two of the states we won, democracy is being undermined by them, using financial power and money, Rahul alleged.

“Our fight is against BJP’s ideology, what they did in Manipur & Goa is exactly the ideology we are fighting against. We are in opposition, you have ups and downs and we had a little down in UP; we accept it,” Rahul told.

“It is very difficult to stake claim in Goa as Governor has appointed Manohar Parikkar as CM,” he said. He further said that Congress’ fight against the BJP as opposition would continue.

Congress Vice President gave his comments an hour after the Supreme Court ordered a floor test in Goa on Thursday. Apex Court has refused to stay Manohar Parrikar’ swearing in and asked BJP to prove majority within 2 days assuming office as the chief minister of Goa.