Not just loan waiver but we are committed to betterment of farmers: Devendra Fadnavis
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Mar-2017

Mumbai, March 16: The issue of loan wavier for farmers is always the foremost especially for the Maharashtra where the numbers of farmer suicides keep on rising. Today Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis assured to bring relief for farmers.

Chief Minister Fadnavis spoke in Loksabha today and highlighted the farmer suicide menace which is very severe in Maharashtra. He assured that he will talk about loan waiving with other ministers and will come up with an appropriate solution.  The state government was ready to give loan waivers, he wanted to focus on other remedies to help the farmers, he said. I assure you that I will lead the delegation of members from the BJP and Shiv Sena and meet the Union finance minister and agriculture minister at an appropriate time," he said.

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Framers took loan of around 1,14,000 Crores. Among these 31,57,000 Crores are such who have still not paid back, At least Rs.30,500 Crores of provision shall be granted from the government. If all the money gets used up here then it will hinder to the other things regarding development, said Fadnavis.

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"In terms of productivity, Maharashtra is lagging behind other states. Neighbouring states like Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have provided remedies for improving the standard of living for farmers. We are focusing on relief and rehabilitation of farmers, and are seeking the help of the Centre," said the chief minister.

“The government is spending around Rs.19,400 Crores of investment for Agriculture. For the insurance Rs.2000 Crores, Rs.8000 for assistance for natural calamities and Rs.1,500 for agricultural schemes, this all equals upto Rs.30,500 is being invested for the betterment of farmers and agriculture, Fadnavis explained. He asked for the confidence that whether waiving loans for farmers is going to stop farmer suicide totally! Earlier Govt earlier gave loan waiver of Rs.7000 Crore and deposited in banks. But we gave Rs. 8000 Crore directly in farmers' account towards drought relief,” he added.

After enlisting details about the possible provisions for farmers CM Devendra Fadnavis assured that farmers will soon become debt free. We will unite and seek for more assistance for farmers of the state.