Parents can officially kick out their abusive children from their house: Delhi High Court
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 17-Mar-2017

New Delhi, March 17: To all the parents out there, please take a note of this. Delhi High Court ruled out saying that if adults are abusive or disrespectful towards their parents then they have total right to ask them to leave their house. On top of this the court also specified that the house need not be self-acquired or owned by the parents.

Asserting that the parents were not obliged to provide accommodation to their sons or daughters, the court affirmed that the parents can issue an eviction order to their children if their children who should be adults if at all they feel that they were being mentally and physically harassed by their children.

Keeping in lines with the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 (MWPSCA), the court asserted, that they “can issue an eviction order to ensure that senior citizens live peacefully in their house without being forced to accommodate a son who physically assaults and mentally harasses them or threatens to dispossess them,” said Justice Manmohan.

This comes after the court observed that the Delhi government had provided the provision of senior citizens filing a complaint against their abusive children and could only ask them to evict their property if only they owned the place. In other words, a parent could not ask their abusive adults to leave their home if the property was a rented one.